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Beef Jerky can be eaten by anyone, at any time, and is a perfect replacement for unhealthy, empty-calorie snacks like sweets, pork scratchings, crisps, popcorn, etc. Anyone, in any walk of life, can benefit from the high-protein, low-fat properties of our beef jerky.

  1. Energy - 1161 kJ/100g
  2. Energy - 274 kcal/100g
  3. Protein - 72.49g/100g
  4. Fat - 1.8g/100g

Beef Jerky's high-protein, low-fat qualities are perfect for anyone who is following the world-renowned Atkins weight loss Diet, which involves eating high-protein, low carbohydrate foods.

We at British Beef Jerky use only the best lean beef to make our beef jerky, and all of our meats are sourced locally. We are proud to confirm we do not use MSGs in any of our jerky products. It takes 239 grams of lean beef to make every 100 grams of our peppered beef jerky.

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