What is Beef Jerky?

lemons and jerky

Jerky is a food that dates right back as far as ancient Egypt. In America in the heyday of the Wild West, cowboys would cut strips of meat from any animal that was too big to eat all at once, such as bear, buffalo, or whale, and hang them up to dry in the sun. The sun drying process actually preserved the meat and so allowed the cowboys to carry the strips in their saddle bags to chew on for many weeks while they were on long cattle trails.

The word "Jerky" comes from the Spanish word for jerked meat "charqui". English speaking people heard this word and changed it to a word that was easier for them to pronounce "jerky". Jerky is a nutrient-dense meat that has been made lightweight by drying. Because most of the moisture is removed, it is shelf stable and can be stored without refrigeration, so making it a handy, nutritious, wholesome food for backpackers and others who don't have access to refrigerators. So, whether you're walking, mountain climbing, camping, fishing, body building, trekking, cycling, or just watching TV, our British Beef Jerky makes a delicious survival food or snack.

When you first put a piece of beef jerky into your mouth it will feel dry, but when you begin chewing, it will re hydrate and quickly take on the feel of eating regular beef, but with a different flavour, depending upon the marinate used during the initial stages of preparation.

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