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Friday 15 February, 2008

Thank you for my order which arrived today. I have been a fan of **** ****'* Beef Jerky for many years now. However, for some bizarre reason (to the British at least, if not American’s) they have recently changed their jerky to some horrible unpalatable gelatinous monstrosity. Therefore, I went onto their website in an attempt to order some packs of the original delicious sort. I even went through the whole order process, despite the fact that you have to buy a minimum of six packs of the same flavour. (How inconvenient, not at all like you!). However, when it came to placing my order, it just sent me round in circles until eventually, it just stopped. So, figuring that I must have pressed the wrong button somewhere, I tried again. But had the same result. So, (in final answer to your question) I put ‘beef jerky’ into Google and up you popped, number one. I went on your website. All looked good. Proper British beef too. So thought I’d give it a try. As you know I ordered variety of flavours, because you never know. And now, the requested feedback. When I got home from work today, I was very pleased to find your package and so wasted no time in ripping open the ‘Original’ flavour. You must always start with ‘Original’, I suppose. To be honest, I was not expecting the taste sensation I received. So beefy! A proper beefy taste, of proper beef! All these years, **** ****'* have been leading me down the primrose path! A really nice beefy taste. It just tasted, beefy! No other way to describe it really. Really, really beefy! The reason of course, warranted a closer inspection. The reason was right there, it’s only had beef in it! Not like that nasty **** ****'* horrible-ness. This tasted beefy, because it was only beef! I would therefore like to thank **** ****'* for changing his recipe, for if he had not, I may never had discovered real beef jerky, that actually tastes of real beef. Because, (and this is the important bit!) it only has proper British beef in it is and therefore, is only made with proper British beef! Tomorrow, Nee-Nee (the cat, also your newest fan!) and I get to try the BBQ flaour. Can’t wait! Best wishes,
Testimonial By: Tim P. — in Essex

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